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Ultimate Motors Limited started in 2009, and we have imported and sold over 3000 cars since then.  

Now our trading name is Import Your Car and main activity is to import cars from Japan for our customers in New Zealand.

We’ve found this approach rewarding. Seeing customers getting better cars for better prices makes everyone happy. 

Japanese Auctions is the biggest car market place in the world, making it easy to find the right car for the right price. 

Chances are - your next car can be imported too.

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about us
In our importing team, we have five people: Nick, Chris, Ricky, Alex and Oscar. 

Nick is the owner and has been importing cars from Japan since 1998.

Chris and Ricky are your sales managers and will help you to find the right car.

Alex is responsible for operations. And Oscar is our IT support. 

We have a great amount of knowledge about Japanese Car Auctions and New Zealand rules and regulations.

With our guidance you can navigate Japanese Auctions and get our advice about any vehicle.   
our vision
Our vision is to open a window to Japanese Online Car Auctions and share knowledge about buying cars directly from Japanese Auctions. There are so many cars which can be imported people are not aware of. 

There are family type of cars both Japanese and Europen - 7 seaters, SUVs, wagons, flash sedans, electric and hybrid.
Luxury European, Exclusive and Rare cars,  4WD like Landcruiser, BMW X5 and Audi Q5-Q7. 

Many high-quality European cars. 

All these cars are waiting for your to be discovered and imported.

Paul and Vicky from Christchurch says:

Just wanted to say thank you. What great service from start to finish. You have two very happy customers with a lovely new car!
Thanks again! We will definitely keep recommending you guys! Awesome.
Paul and Vicky.

Mohammad from Christchurch says:

The car looks great and it definitely doesn't look a 2011 model. Any one who have seen it so far said it looks like brand new and I agree.
I am very happy we took the time to choose the right one. More so that I got the special sport model with all features I was looking for; especially the factory fitted leather seat covers which makes it look posher. So looking forward to deal with you again 
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