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Paul from Auckland
Nissan Note E-Power-X 2019 in blue, 1.2L, Auto, done 11,264 kms. Auction grade 4.5BB
Carter from Christchurch
Mitsubishi Lancer GSR 2007 in white, 2L, Auto, done 149,290 kms. Auction grade 4CC
Andrew from Aukland
Toyota Regius Super Long DX 2019 in silver, 2.8L, Auto, diesel, 4WD, done 42,350 kms. Auction grade 4B
Nicolas from Wellington:
Volkswagen Golf GTi 2012 in white, 2L , Auto, done 90,943 kms. Auction grade 4C.
Jeremy from Auckland:
Nissan Leaf G in white, EV, Auto, done 32,642 kms. Auction grade 4CB.
It's very good! I previously had the older model so I know what they are like but this one has more power and a lot more range. Previously I could only do one day's commute on a charge, now I can do two days and go out for dinner and still have plenty to spare. And lots of extra gadgets like a heated steering wheel!

Thanks, all the best,
Allen from Auckland:
Toyota Wish 2011 in pearl white, 1.8L, Auto, done 79,974 kms. Auction grade 4BB.
Jimmy & Sheila from Tauranga:
A huge thank you for the x6 I received it yesterday. WOW What a car !!!! Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you both for excellent service.
I will start looking for a couple of more now that I know how the system works

Good working with you both
BMW X6 XDrive 35i 2011 in white, 3L, Auto, 4WD, done 55,130 kms. Auction grade 4.5B.
Walter from Christchurch:
I picked up the carv2 from magnum compliance awesome very pleased with it. yes far better than expected other half is still smiling been banned from driving it LOL. Cheers Walter
Mazda Axela 20S Touring 2015 in grey, 2L, Manual, done 72,256 km. Auction grade 4.5BB.

Gagan from Auckland:
Thanks lynn and chris I love the car so good with ton of extra features like back camera recorder etc.

BMW 3 Series 323i 2006 in grey, 2.5L, Auto, done 19,5243 kms. Auction grade 4.5BB


Lexus IS F 2008 in gray, 5L, Auto, done 73,721 kms. Auction grade 4.5B.

It's a luxury super car by Lexus and great looking in corporate gunmetal grey with matching alloys, sunroof is a bonus.

Nissan X-Trail 20XT Emergency brake pad 2016 in red, 2L, Auto, done 32,773 kms. Auction grade 5AB.

Just bought this beautiful Xtrail. It's a really good win, high grade with low mileage, and Xt package

Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Evolution 7 4WD 2001 in white, 2L, Manual, done 127,030 kms. Auction grade 4C.

These cars are already JDM classics, they have not only power but spirit from the 90s as well. These appreciate well into the future and grow in value. It's a wise investment.  

Nissan Skyline GT-R 4WD CP 1994 in silver, 2.6L, Manual, done 150,176 kms. Auction grade 3.5B.

Coming with neat add-ons still being stock. 
GTRs are long time JDM classics, they have not only the power but spirit from the 90s as well. These appreciate well into the future and grow in value. It's a wise investment.


Mazda Cx-5 xd Pro Active 4WD 2016 silver, 2.2L, Auto, 136,054 kms. Auction grade 4BC.

Nissan Skyline GT-R 4WD CP 1994 in silver, 2.6L, Manual, done 150,176 kms. Auction grade 3.5B.

Honda NSX 1991 in grey, 3L, Auto, done 60,200 kms. Auction grade 3.5B

Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Evolution 7 4WD 2001 in white, 2L, Manual, done 127,030 kms. Auction grade 4C.

BMW X5 xDrive40e Plug-in Hybrid 2016, M Sport in black, 2L, Auto, done 78,061 kms. Auction grade 4.5B.

Hino Liesse EX 2007 in beige , 4L, Auto, done 98,971 kms. Auction grade 3.5DC.

Jeep Wrangler 2000 in color beige, 4L, Jeep, done 108,405 kms. Auction grade 4C. 

Toyota Estima Aeras 2013 in black, 2.4L, Auto, done 115,885 kms. Auction grade 4B. 

Subaru Impreza Eyesight 2012 pearl white, 2L, Auto, done 86,950 kms. Auction grade 4BB.

Volkswagen Tiguan 2008 white, 2L, Auto, done 68,809 kms. Auction grade 4C. 

Toyota Vanguard 240S 2010 in black, 2.4L, Auto, done 61,870 kms. Auction grade 4.5BB.

Lexus IS F 2008 in grey, 5L, Auto, done 73,721 kms. Auction grade 4.5B.

Audi A4 Avant 2.0TFSI S Line 2012 in black, 2L, 4WD, Auto, done 70,563 kms. Auction grade 4C.

Nissan Leaf X Aero Style 2014 in white, EV, Auto, done 39,191 kms. Auction grade 4BB.

Mitsubishi Outlander Phev 2015 in white, 2L, Auto, done 97,349 kms. Auction grade 4BC. 

Lexus IS 2009 in black, 2.5L, Auto, done 118,126 kms. Auction grade 4B.

Subaru Impreza  2009 in white, 1.5L, Manual, done 78,362 kms. Auction grade 4.5AB.

Subaru Legacy B4 2009 in purple, 2.5L, Auto, done 85,815 kms. Auction grade 4B.

Subaru Impreza  2009 in white, 1.5L, Manual, done 78,362 kms. Auction grade 4.5AB.

Toyota Harrier L Alcantara 4wd 2008 silver, 3.3L, Auto, done 38,525 kms. Auction grade 4B. 

Audi S3 Sportback 2010 white, 2L, Auto, 4WD done 91,918 km. Auction grade 4B.

Mazda Axela 20S Touring 2015 in grey, 2L, Manual, done 72,256 km. Auction grade 4.5BB.

Toyota Alphard 350S 2014 in white, 3.5L, 4WD, Auto, done 59,430 kms. Auction grade 4CB.

Subaru Outback Eyesight S Package 2011 in white, 2.5L, Auto, done 133,710 kms. Auction grade 4BB.

Avishesh from Auckland:
I would like to take this time out to specially thank you and your team for finding me this beautiful Hiace. You guys had been very friendly and helpful through out the process. At first i was a bit hesitant but now i can confirm this was a wonderful experience.
Definitely will come back for my next car. I have recommended import your car to people i know and will continue to do so.
Hope you guys have a wonderful week ahead🙂
Attached some photos as well for ya
Toyota Hiace Super GL 2013 Prime Selections, 3L Diesel 2WD Auto, done 140,806 kms. Auction grade 3.5C. Around $28,000 to import. 

Click to view

James from Auckland:
I picked up my Audi A4 towards the end of this week. Its looks to be well maintained car and in a good condition.
Thank you once again for all your help finding me this car. Will be in touch in future to import another car!!
Looking forward to driving it 😊
Audi A4 Avant 2.0TFSI Quattro S-Line 2010 in black, 2L, Auto, done 55,906 kms. Auction grade 4C. Around $13,821 to import. Very good savings here!

Click to view

Mark from Auckland:
Just want to say BIG thanks to Nick, Takumi and the Ultimate Motors team!! Professional service, kept up to date throughout auction and import - overall a fantastic experience and result. My Subaru Outback 2012 is awesome, beautiful condition and a dream to drive. Far better than anything I test-drove at Wingers and a damn sight cheaper. Totally recommend Ultimate Motors - awesome!! Thanks again
Subaru Legacy Outback 2012 2.5i 4WD in black color, 33,175 kms mileage
Steven from Auckland:
This is my second car buy from Nick ! First one was Mazda Demio ! This time I ask him to help import car from Japan. Every thing good and I very happy with my car. Nick's service is great, he answered all my question in same day I had asked. You can trust him. I strongly recommend his service and I will come back in next year if I can to import another one. Thanks Nick
Audi Q7 5D 4WD 3.6FS IKWAS LINE, in dark brown color, done 76k kms, $42605
Lawrence from Wellington:
Importing an unseen car through an online service can be quite a daunting proposition. Nick was absolutely amazing in providing a professional door to door service that was very efficient indeed. I didn't have to worry about a thing - just received my sparkling, unique vehicle here in NZ and am thoroughly enjoying it. The auction sheet was also very accurate in describing the car - all round, nothing to worry about. I would recommend Nick's service entirely without reservation. Many thanks.
Crown Majesta Hybrid 2014, 4.5BB grade, done 27kms, rare car to find and to buy. Around $60,000 to import.
Vanessa from Wellington:
Thank you Nick for a hassle free experience. We were nervous paying money upfront before seeing or driving the car but it is the chance you take importing. The car is great and the service was wonderful. Will do it again.
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 5D 4WD TZ G SELECTION, in pearl white color, done 134k kms, $25884
John from Napier:
I am so glad that we used Ultimate motors. The car that we have ended up with is way nicer than we thought that we could ever own. I will definitely use Alex next time I want to buy a car. Our Volvo C30 came with a spare key, a full service record and a 300 page manual. The car itself (grade 4) is mint, apart from a minute little scratchy thing which is difficult to spot and largely irrelevant. Alex's review of the car was spot on. Again I wish to thank the team and highly recommend them.
Volvo C30 2.OE Active, 2011, in white color, done 32k kms.
Francis from Waitakere:
Imported a Lexus IS350,Excellent team at Ultimate Motors, Takumi is a superb person to deal with, i had a long list of what i wanted, he delivered, Quality communication from start to finish, Nick took over and updated me on every step. They definitely beat the bigger companies out there for quality and satisfaction, Thanks guys,Highly recommended, would import through Ultimate Motors again.
Lexus Is IS350 Version L, 2007, in pearl color, done 82 kms.
Peggy from Marlborough:
Imported a late model Audi Q5,very happy with the help and services from Alex, car so good , beyond expectation. Thanks.
  Audi Q5 2.0T S, 2014, in white color, done 25k kms.
 Steve and Jill Norman (Hastings)
Thank you for helping us to import our 2010 Toyota Mark-x Zio.....what an
awesum car and for under $10k on road we are rapt. Thank you for making the  process so easy and I really enjoyed being part of it by being able to search for the ideal car online myself. Being shipped into Wellington was so helpful to us and the guys at autorama were really great to deal with as well....this is our 3rd car we have imported thru you and will definitely not be the last. 

Toyota Markx Zio, 2010, Aerial V Selection HDD Navi, in silver color, done 77 k km 
Cesareo from Auckland:
It's only been less than 3 weeks since we got the Touran, and it has already taken my family through many happy and memorable journeys. My family is very thankful to your team for making all this possible.
 VW Golf Touran TSI High Line, 2008, in silver color, done 82k kms.
Jimmy & Sheila from Tauranga:
We got Takumi & Nick to import a Toyota coaster for us. They were awesome. We are very happy.
Toyota Coaster 2010 Longbase turbo, 4L, done only 38,960 kms.
Chuancheong from Christchurch:
A big thank you and appreciation to both Takumi and Nick, able to help me to source and deliver the car with the quality at my Wish. They let me know buying the cars without seeing is possible and reliable.
Toyota Wish 2.0G 2006 in silver, 2L, done 41 355kms.
Shawn from Auckland:
Thanks for your work importing my new car. It is near perfect and I'm very happy with how it has turned out. Thanks for all the help and advice throughout the process and I'm sure I will be back when I need the next one.
Nissan Leaf G, 2012 in pearl color, done 31k kms.
Phil from Auckland:
A big thank you, I love the car, it exceeded my expectations, as did your professional, friendly and prompt service. The car cleaned up well and drives and looks almost like new. Happy customer.
Toyota Hilux Surf SSR-X 2004, 2.7L, done 40 194 kms. Auction grade 4.5 B.
Konstantine from Auckland:
I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to Nick and Takumi. I have got my Honda Fit 2010 1.5L from Japanese auction in a perfect condition fully equipped with all possible bells and whistles. I have never bought car from auction so was nervous. Got my car after 1.5 months waiting. It saves me about $3000. Trade was excellent and smooth as.
Honda Fit 1.5X 2010 in navy blue color done 44 758 kms, 1.5L.
Rex from Christchurch:
I imported a 2012 Nissan Leaf using Ultimate Motors. The car goes like the wind & is very tidy. A lot of pressure from Alex to place High bids but I stood my ground for a great deal cost under 11k all up . Will be buying more cars using U.M in future. Many thanks From Rex B.
 Nissan Leaf G, 2012, in pearl color, done 31k kms.
MDT Driver Training
Hi Nick and the rest of the crew at Import Your Car. I now have my new training vehicle up and running in my driving school.
Many thanks for your efforts, encouragement and support throughout the importing process.
Yes, of course, I was very nervous at handling such a lot of money over, and yes I did research all aspects of the company prior to paying for the vehicle. I am extremely pleased to say that the vehicle has exceeded my expectations. Hopefully, in the future, I will be doing it all over again.
Craig from Lower Hutt City:
Imported a Ralliart Colt . Very easy & communication with Nick & Takumi was good. Car arrived in Wellington in better condition than I expected & cheaper than the car yards. Well worth looking into to get the car you want. Thanks guys, would definitely look at importing through Ultimate again.
Mitsubishi Colt Plus RALLIART, in grey color, done 81 kms.
Konstantin from Waitakere City:
Picked up our 2007 Toyota Blade yesterday and we are very pleased with our purchase, every step went exactly as we were told by the good people at Ultimate Motors, car exceeded our expectations. Highly recommended. THANK YOU. John and Maureen.
Toyota Blade G, in wine color, done 25 kms.
Murray from Tokoroa/Putaruru:
I have just bought a Mercedes AMG E 55 from Nick and it was a breeze to get the car from Japan to me in NZ great people to deal with and they are as good as their advert says and more I would recommend them to anyone looking to import from Japan.
Mercedes-Benz E Class E55 AMG, 2005, in silver color, done 66k kms.
 Zsolt from North Shore:
+1 satisfied customer, great service, good communication.
Mitsubishi Outlander Top Spec G model, 2006, 4WD, in black color, done 70 kms.
 Marc from Hamilton:
Excellent to deal with from start to finish. always kept me updated and even managed a change of delivery port at the last minute. I highly recommend Nick and his team if you want to import a car from Japan. I saved at least $4k on my purchase.
Mazda MPV 23S, 2012, in grey color, done 30 548 kms.
Peter from Masterton:
I asked for and got exactly the car I wanted. The right model, right kms, year, colour and quality. Nick & Takumi of Ultimate Motors are exceptional. Highly recommend them especially if you want to save $1000s on your next car purchase. Thank you guys!
Toyota Ractis in red color, 2006, 1.5L, in red color, done 64 831 kms.
Sajeev from Waitakere City:
Another happy customer.. :) :) I got my toyota prius 2010 with 19000 Kms through these guys. Believe me, they are awesome. I got the car I was looking for, It runs smooth as new and looks as new. I am running taxi and most of the customers comment on my car. Only minus point was the grooming. That was not professional. otherwise all good. Thanks a heap. will definitely recommend.
Toyota Prius S, 2010, in pearl color, done 19k kms.
 Warren from Auckland City:
Nick imported a Toyota RAV 4 / Vanguard for us. Overall we were very happy with the result - the car was better than I expected, the selection and the quality available is superb, its safe, reliable and we saved thousands - this is the way to buy a car. Highly recommend - a few of the guys from our office will also be in touch - thanks once again Nick.
Toyota Vanguard 5D 4WD 350S G PACK, in pearl color, done 81 kms.
 Jamie from Porirua:
Nick, thank you so much. The Toyota Runx is in great condition, drove superbly from Auckland to Wellington. Obviously there is some luck involved, but I'm very happy. Pity about those Japanese built in Nav mans though, hopefully I can convert it to English. Thanks.
Toyota Corolla Runx X, 2004, in blue color, done 23 kms.
 John Rodgers​ from Wellington:
Everything offered was delivered as promised. Car was in better condition than I had expected. Will be doing this again. Thanks Nick. A+
Jaguar S-type in green color, 65kms, 4L​ 2001 $7250 Wellington, imported in June 2013
Suzanne​​ from Whangarei​:
Honestly these guys are fantastic dont be so pedantic seriously we just bought our toyota isis from this dealer they are extremly busy im sure selling ther valued cars. I highly recommend this trader thats why they have 100% trade me feedback your loss really if you dont deal with these guys.....just saying :)
Toyota Isis Platana 2006 $5,925
Anita from Nelson:
Many thanks Nick for your excellent customer service and support. Throughout the whole journey from the initial enquiry to the picking up the car Nick and Takumi were always in communication to sort out any issues. We really appreciated Nick ensuring that our costs were kept to a minimum. The car is a "little beauty" we love it. I would without hesitation, recommend Nick to anyone looking for a new car anywhere in New Zealand.
Nissan March 15RX, 2006, in black color, done 88k kms, $5818
Laura from Christchurch:
Really appreciate how easy this process was with the help and advice given for the car I was looking to import. The Toyota Vitz I received was a very tidy little car (auction grade 4) and I am very happy with it. Thanks so much, will definitely be in contact to do the same again in the future.
Toyota Vitz G, 2006 in silver color, done 62k kms.
Young from Auckland:
Importing a car from another country without even having a chance to see it in person is always a risk. However, I had a successful experience buying my new car with the help of Nick. The whole process of choosing a car, bidding, shipping, compliance and registration took about 2 months. Nick was helpful with his communication and made the entire process very smooth and easy. The car arrived in better condition than described and is currently running smoothly without any faults.
Toyota Lexus Is IS350 Version L, 2007, in pearl white color, done 82k kms, $19366

Peugeot 3008 Premium 2012 in cherry-red, 1.6L, Auto, done 48,000 kms. Auction grade 4.

Toyota Hiace 2009 in silver, 15 seater, 2.6L, done 116,283 kms. Auction grade 3.5CC.

Nissan Leaf G in white, EV, Auto, done 32,642 kms. Auction grade 4CB.

Mazda CX-5 XD 2014 in red, 2.2L, Auto, done 74,473 kms. Auction grade 4BC.

BMW 5 Series M Sport 2007 in white, 3L, Auto, done 54,790 kms. Auction grade 4CC.

Lexus IS F 2012 in pearl white, 5L, Auto, done 45,495 kms. Auction grade 4.5B.

Audi A4 Avant 2.0TFSI Quattro S-Line 2010 in black, 2L, Auto, done 55,906 kms. Auction grade 4C.

Audi A4 Avant 2.0TFSI S Line 2012 in black, 2L, 4WD, Auto, done 70,563 kms. Auction grade 4C.

Toyota Hiace Van 5 Door, Super GL Dark P2 2018 in black , 2.8L, Auto, 4WD, done 111,817 kms. Auction grade 4B.

Mitsubishi Lancer GT Evolution 9 AWD 4D 2005 in blue, 2L, Manual, done 98,260 kms. Auction grade 3.5B.

BMW 6 Series 640i M Sports 2012 in white, 3L, Auto, done 118,281. Auction grade 4BB.

Honda Vezel HV XSENSIB REAR NS 2017 in black, 1.5L, Auto, done 26,912 kms. Auction grade 4.5B.

Audi A5 2.0 Quattro S Line 2012 in white, 2L Turbo, Auto, 89,466 kms. Auction grade 4B.

Nissan Fairladyz 300ZX Twin Turbo CP 1991 in silver, 3L Turbo, Auto, 56,000 kms. Auction grade 4C.

Toyota Hiace 2000 in white, 3L Diesel, 4WD Auto, done 183,629kms. Auction grade 3.5C.

BMW 6 Series 650i Coupe 2014 in black, 4.4L V8 Turbo, Auto, done 97,048 kms. Auction grade 4.5B.

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