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How many times you wanted to do something but was stopped from it to happen just because of the fear of the unknown? Happened to many of us. But all it takes is to get a bit more knowledge on the subject matter. So let me show why Japanese Car Auctions is the way to go and how to import a vehicle from Japan. 

1. Most of the cars you see for sale in New Zealand were originally imported from Japan. 
The car you saw for sale on the Trade Me was already imported from Japan. Vehicles importers got it for you. Why not do it yourself? You can choose the car from source, and save as well. 

2. Buying online and "I have not seen the car" factor. 
We do buy many things online these days, including cars. Example: Many who live in South Island buy a car online from Auckland, and get it transported to them. They never see the car before they buy. But have to pay around $1000 for the transport fees etc. Why not to import a car from Japan instead, and save on the car plus save on the transportation. We can ship your new car directly from Japan to all major cities across New Zealand.   

3. It takes more time to import a car. 
True, but look under a different angle. Often we go to the yards on the weekends, and if could not find a car we like, we leave it till next weekend. Can be daunting to drive around, meet different salesman, and not being able to find the car which ticks all the boxes. Can take months to find and choose the car even in your town.  
Spend the same time and import a car from Japan. You can do car shopping in the comfort of your home using a computer or even a phone. It is easier to find what you like from Japanese Car Auctions since they have ten times more cars. Not only more cars in Japan, they get auctions and new JDMs added daily. It is ultimate car shopping possible on the planet, and now you discovered this opportunity. You are much closer than you think, so make it happen.    

4. Japanese Auctions Are Regulated. 
It's not like you are buying a car from nowhere. Japanese Auctions is the most organised car selling/buying system, with easy to understand rules. Every single car which is going for Auction gets independently inspected. The result of this inspection is reflected in the Auction List. It tells us a lot about car condition. You will get a detailed translation for every bid you place. 

5. Car condition - Auction grading.
Unlike in NZ, in Japan, they have a sophisticated and accurate system of grading a car. In my opinion, auction grading is the main reason Japanese Auctions became so popular all over the world. We talk more about it in our Q & A page and here is a quick guide: 

Overall condition: 
5 - Like New
4.5 - Very Good
4 - Good
3.5 - Average
3 - Poor
R or RA - damaged

Interior/Exterior condition:
A - Best
B - Good
C - Average
D - Poor
E - Not good

4.5AB - excellent, spotless
4BB - good
3.5BC - average, need grooming

On top of the auction grade, we have: 
- Auction List translation, where they tell even more about car
- Our inspections for selected auctions
- Our advice on each vehicle you placed a bid
- The fact that Japanese are honest people should not be overlooked.
6. Physical inspection. 
On top of the Auction List translation, we have our own inspections. For selected auction houses, our inspectors leave every morning 7 am Japan time to check car we are bidding on. So we can give you even more information about cars you are bidding on. Keep in mind, usually, it's $65 per each inspection, but we do it for free, before buying the car. 

7. How much does it cost to buy and ship a car to New Zealand?
It cost $1500 for the freight, then there is a customs clearance, expenses in Japan, our importing fee, and vehicle compliance and registration costs. We have a detailed Importing Calculator available for you after you register. 
Here is a quick savings guide: 
Car price  Your Savings
$10,000    $3000+
$20,000    $5000+
$30,000    $8000+

8. It's just a smart way to buy a car. 
You not only save or even save big. You also get to choose the car you really like, learning a new idea, and do things a different way, and have a good story to tell to your friends. 

Other reasons

- Increase your status with a newer car
- You can call yourself: I am a car importer
- You can help others to import with advice 

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