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Importing cars from Japan Made Easy
Why importing becoming so popular?
The main reason to import your car from Japan is a wide selection of cars available in the Japanese market. Japan is the motherland of Japanese cars, reputed for their quality and cutting edge technology. The Japanese market has incredible variety of not only local cars, but all European brands presented as well. Be it a family 7 seater, or office sedan, sports car, or a flash Euro SUV - all can be found and imported through our website: www.importyourcar.co.nz
Why there are so many cars in Japan?
Japan has a population of over 127 million people, and Japanese car manufactures inspire people to change their car often. Maintenance and accurate driving seemed to be a part of their nature. They look after their cars and do service on time, to increase reselling value in a future. Japanese trade their cars back to the dealer, so they can get more money, if the car has service history. 90% of cars available at the auction have service history and in many cases have only one owner.
Why mileage is so low? 
Another good news for us is, the cities in Japan are over-populated. Traffic lights are everywhere, and traffic jams are a part of daily life. People don’t drive much. They have to park their cars somewhere next to a train station and commute to work. Good for their health and it keeps the cars in good condition too. Also, it keeps the mileage low. Roads in Japan are very good. Thus, when you import a second-hand car from Japan, often times it looks like if only a test drive was done.
Auction Houses
Japanese market knows tough competition. The car manufacturers offer new trends and models annually, so many Japanese people just get bored with their “old” cars and thus bring them to the car auctions, which can be found in every nook and corner of Japan. There are over 80 Auction Houses spread all over Japan.
Speaking about auctions, our company deals only with the best and the most reputed of them. We have the inside knowledge which auctions are good to deal with, and which are not suitable for business with NZ and thus should be avoided. (Like northern or west coast auctions due to the snow and wet conditions we don’t buy from there).
Making decision to buy a car
We can help you to take a decision in each particular case, so you can choose the best available model. Our database is huge beyond imagination, and it is not limited to just knowledge about good auction houses. We literally know everything about the cars we help you to import in NZ from the country of the rising sun. 
We apply a personalized approach to every client. Every auction list is translated for your convenience. You get all the information you need before making a final bid on a car. 
It’s so comfortable to buy your car from the comfort of your home, from your home or office computer. No botheration, no tension. We will inform you about the every step concerning making a bid on your choice, when and for how much your car was bought. We will send you the official tax invoice for our service as well. We are a local Kiwi company, we are based in Auckland, New Zealand, not an international car broker. Moreover, we import from Japan to New Zealand only, not from UK or US. This gives us indepth knowledge about this importing route. And we've done it for over 8 years..
Updates when importing
After we have bought the car, you will be updated with pictures from the Port, arrival date, and when it’s ready to pick up from Compliance Centre in your city. We will provide you with additional information about vehicle compliance and vehicle registration, and so on.
Price does matter
Can save you up to 10K on expensive car, like a 2012+ Euro SUV for around $50,000. If it’s a $15,000 to $30,000 car, savings are considerable as well. Cheap cars are also feasible to import. Although savings are not that great, like in case of expensive cars, you can still save a thousand dollars if you buy a car for 8K and above. 
Another advantage of importing your car from Japan is, you can choose a car which might not be yet available in the market in New Zealand. Or bring a high spec model with all extras. Feels good to drive a baby, which no one of your neighbours has, isn’t it?
Importing gets easy 
It’s a common practice these days to buy cars online. Our company is based in Auckland. Before when we were selling cars from the car yard, we were shipping them to Christchurch or Wellington too. And we have never actually met our customers in the physical world. Everything was happening online or over the phone. In case of importing the system is the same, but you save even more, because you get your car not from Auckland, but from Japan and get it shipped directly to your city.
Also you will have accurate and original information about your car - Japanese are very honest and provide accurate description about car condition, so you know for sure that the car was not a write off, or salvaged from the flood etc.. We import high grade cars, and avoid mediocre ones. It has never been easier to import a car from Japan. So. let's do it!

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