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Mercedes Benz - ones a dream - now a reality


Many Mercedes Benz luxury and high output vehicles are selling for very attractive prices at Japanese Auctions. For example, Mercedes Benz AMG C63 V8 year 2012 is a supercar. Before it was selling new for $200,000. And now we can import it for $40,000 all included. Is it not amazing? 

High auction grade 4 and 4.5 Benz with around 50-80km, one owner in Japan with service history - can be imported by you with our help. 
Imagine yourself seating in top-notch luxury European supercar, listening to the V8 gentle roar, and experiencing 450HP on a take-off. It’s all worth it. You will love to see it parked on your driveway too and have a good story to tell.
Did we mention that savings are around $10,000? How about enjoying this car for 2 years, selling it and making a $5000 profit, to import yet another supercar. When you import, you win two times, when buying - you save, when selling - your earn. Win, Win. Only what left is, to Win one at Japanese Auctions with our help. 

We can even buy a Performance Edition AMG C63 with 490HP! Was selling new for $300,000 and now can be imported for $45,000! 
Check the one we won for Mike from Dunedin - click on image to view. 



Or if you like a luxury E Class year 2014 - you can import them as well. Was selling new for over $130,000 and now can be imported for $39,000 all included. 
Savings are around $8000 on this car.

We have experience on how to choose these cars. Many vehicles have one owner service history, low mileage and high auction grade. Also, we have inspections available for most auctions. 

If you feel like it’s time to treat yourself with a dream supercar - then register to get access to Japanese Auctions to start searching and bidding.

There are many other Luxury and Performance European cars to import. 

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