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From 1 March 2020 all cars must have ESC - Electronic Stability Control. Including Hiace and Caravan. 

We can not import Hiaces from the year 2004 to 2018 any more. They don't come with ESC. Unfortunate. I know. We imported many Hiace. 

Well. There is always an alternative. We still CAN import ANY car which is 20 years and older. So, all Hiace or any other vans can be imported if the year 1990 to 2000. 

Need a new work van, or a campervan conversion? Consider the years 1998-2000 vans—many with under 100 km, good auction grades 4 and in better condition than in NZ. The price will be less than what you pay in your town. 

Register to check what Japanese Auctions have to offer. Hundreds of vans auctioned daily at discounted prices. 

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Here are few vans our customers have imported recently. Get an idea for the price and models you can get in Japan.

And here is a secrete or a loophole on how to import one for a very good price.
Choose Toyota Hiace Welcab! It's a Hiace for people with special needs, have off rump and other equipment inside. But they cost much less than regular Hiace. $3000 to $5000 less! Also, they are coming with a much tidier interior. When the van arrives in the country, compliance will remove all speciality equipment and comply it as a regular Hiace. Good if you don't need seats at the back, and going to use it as a tradesman van. Or you are going to convert it to a Camper van. 

Need a regular van - they also sell for less than anywhere. 
After a 15 seater commuper or even a 40 seater Toyota Coaster - all available at Japanese Car Auctions. 

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