Update For Importing Cars During Alert Level 4.

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General Rules to import a car into the New Zealand
  • Emission Code: Cars must have a triple emission code. We check for it after you've placed a test bid online. 
  • ESC - Electronic Stability Control: All cars must be equipped with this feature. ESC is similar to traction control. We check if a car has it before we buy. 
  • Years which can be imported: 2004+ for petrol. 2008+ for diesel. Can not import cars from the years 2001 to 2003.  
  • 20 years and older: Any car which is 20 years and former can be imported. No rules apply - easy to import. 

   We know what cars can be imported. Register and start placing test bids online. We will confirm if a car can be imported then. Or suggest similar makes and models.  

Coronavirus health effect on imported cars - is 0.  Or no effect.

Effect on the car prices - yes. Cars are selling for the historic low prices at Japanese Auctions. Act now while this window is open.

  Read more below

Update For Importing Cars During Alert Level 4.

  Auctions in Japan are working as usual

  Importing a car is done purely online, you still can do it 

  Shipping lines are working as usual

  Only compliance centres in NZ are closed now for 1 month

  Car will be stored at NZ port until compliance reopen 

  By the time we import your car, compliances will be open anyway

  We still witness the lowest prices ever at Japanese Auctions!

  Use this opportunity to buy a car for a reasonable price

Opportunities or what to know when importing during Level 4. 

By now many of you will be focussing on what you need to do/organise for the coming 4 weeks (or longer) as we enter Level 4 “lock down” for COVID 19 within NZ.
As for the used vehicle import supply chain….
At this stage, the best information we have received to date suggests the following:
For vehicle shipments arriving during the lock down period, vessels will still be received and discharged. Vehicle RORO tranships from Auckland will continue as per normal. 

Transporter companies are authorised to uplift vehicles from port (Ports are considered essential operations, therefore they must have cargos removed in order to keep operational). Also, vehicles arriving via container will be devanned.

But as vehicle Compliance Centres, Dealers yards, Workshops, Panel beaters that are not under contract to “essential services”, are classed as “non – essential” and therefore will be closed.
This means all vehicles transported off Ports during the lock down period will automatically go into storage, and delivered to the compliances when they reopen. 

Hopefully, it will be a short lockdown period for NZ. We can buy car now and by the time your vehicle will arrive in NZ, everything will be back to normal.

In China, they already opened schools and public places. They are winning.  1-month quarantine worked for overpopulated China, should work for the NZ as well. 

Keep safely bidding from the comfort of your home. Prices are the best now in Japan. Apply a cool-headed approach and use this time to seize on the opportunity to buy a desired car for the very reasonable price.  

In favor of importing
Endless Selection
500,000+ vehicles to choose from every month. Japanese Auctions have endless selection.

Accurate Description
Every auctioned car is checked and has the Auction List. For selected auctions we have inspections. 
Good Savings
Savings start from $2000.    $3000-$5000 is common. If a car cost $40,000 - your savings are around $10,000

It can be challenging to find a car that ticks all the boxes. With low mileage, and a newer year, with all the extra features and in a color you like, and most importantly at the price you like.
We know because we've helped thousands of people to find their car in Japan and save good money by doing so. 

What if you could have ten times more cars to choose from, for the lowest prices anywhere? Does this place even exist? 

Luckily places like this do exist. There are 80+ Auctions across JAPAN, and all of these Auctions are connected into the one Online Auction System. This system sells 500,000+ cars every month! 

You can buy a car Directly From The Auctions with our help, and often at a discounted price, and get it shipped directly to Auckland, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin - full list of cities are in the Contacts page. 

Fill up an application form to get your own Access to All Japanese Auctions from our website. Find cars you like and place bids online. We will take it from there.

Q.  - How to Import a car? 
A.  - Register, Bid & Win. 

Introduction Video

Rugby World Cup
September 20 - November 2, 2019
  • Apply Online: Let us know what car you are looking for. Get Access to Japanese Auctions.

  • Learn Auctions: Try Auctions. Watch the Training Video. Place test Bids. Get translations and our advice.
  • Deposit: Make a $1000 deposit to buy a car. Place as many bids as you like. Deposit is refundable, just ask. 

  • Do the Shopping: Bid, bid, bid. Takes 1-2 weeks of active bidding to win for a good price. 
  • Payment: We won! Yey!  Make a payment to our ANZ account, tax invoice provided.

  • Shipping: We do all the importing, customs clearance and vehicle compliance on your behalf. Get updates on arrival date and pics from port.


Thinking of what to import? Check what others are importing
Then Register and check Japanese Auctions to find your car
BMW X3 XDrive25i
2009, 81,119 km
Grade 4
For Louise from New Plymouth
$4,000 savings
 $10,646  TO IMPORT
(all included)
Click to view
Toyota Prius Alpha Touring Ion
2014, 69,730 km
Grade 4.5
For Agustin from Auckland
$6,000 savings
$26,183 TO IMPORT
(all included)
Click to view
Nissan Leaf, EV
2015, 43,150 km
Grade 4
For Philip from Auckland $5,000 savings
 $17,067 TO IMPORT
(all included)
Click to view
Nissan Leaf G edition, EV
2017, 20,202 km
Grade 5
For Sumit from Auckland
$12,000 savings
$35,966  TO IMPORT
(all included)
Click to view
Mitsubishi Outlander Phev
2015, 49,393 km
Grade 4.5
For Saqib from Wellington
$11,000 savings
$28,936  TO IMPORT
(all included)
Click to view
Mitsubishi Delica D5 4wd
2008, 134,135 km
Grade 3.5
For Charlie from Wellington $4000 savings
 $10,934 TO IMPORT
(all included)
Click to view
Mercedes Benz A250
2014, 26,810 km
Grade 4.5
For Ben from Whangarei
 $8,000 savings
$28,054 TO IMPORT
(all included)
Click to view
Jeep Wrangler
2000, 108,405 km
Grade 4
For Benjamin from Auckland
$5000 savings
$14,846 TO IMPORT
(all included)
Click to view
Toyota Estima Aeras
2013, 115,885 km
Grade 4
For Nicolas from Tauranga $4000 savings
$18,423 TO IMPORT
(all included)
Click to view
Audi A6 Avant,
2013, 69,380 km
Grade 4.5
For Aaron from Auckland $8,000 savings
$24,453 TO IMPORT
(all included)
Click to view
Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X Turbo
2015, 23,301 km
Grade 4
For Gavin from Auckland $9000 savings
$51,802 TO IMPORT
(all included)
Click to view
Audi A4 Avant S-Line,
2012, 74,371 km
Grade 4.5
For Jonathan from Auckland $5000 savings
$21,137 TO IMPORT
(all included)
Click to view
Nissan Leaf, EV
2017, 44,732 km
Grade 3.5
For Paul from Wellington $8,000 savings
$17,948 TO IMPORT
(all included)
Click to view
Mitsubishi Delica D5, Van
2017, 137,242 km
Grade 4
For James from Christchurch $9000 savings
$11,619 TO IMPORT
(all included)
Click to view
Nissan Leaf G edition, EV
2016, 29,113 km 
Grade 4.5
For Ian from Auckland
$5000 savings
$19,803 TO IMPORT
(all included)
Click to view
Outlander PHEV Hybrid Sport 4WD, 2014 59,150 km Grade 4
For Hamish from Timaru. $8,000 savings
$25,020 TO IMPORT
(all included)
Click to view
Audi Q7
Quattro 4WD, 2011 76,209 km Grade 4.5
For Vishal from Auckland. $9000 savings
$32,050 TO IMPORT
(all included)
Click to view
Toyota Hiace Van, 2005; 101,285 km 
Grade 3.5
For Des from Christchurch. $5000 savings
$13,294 TO IMPORT
(all included)
Click to view
Toyota Prius
2017 18,584 km Grade 4.5
For Braden from Auckland. $9,000 savings
$28,270 TO IMPORT
(all included)
Click to view
Toyota Harrier 2008 38,525 km Grade 4
For Warrick from Christchurch. $5000 savings
$16,566 TO IMPORT
(all included)
Click to view
Subi Impreza 2012 87,000 km Grade 4
For Mish from Wellington. $4000 savings
$13,998 TO IMPORT
(all included)
Click to view
BMW X5 2011 115,000 km Grade 4
For Abdul from Auckland. $8000 savings
$22,211 TO IMPORT
(all included)
Click to view
Mercedes Benz E Class 2010 77,000 km Grade 4
For Nigel from Auckland. $6000 savings
$13,860 TO IMPORT
(all included)
Click to view
Mercedes Benz E Class 2014 23,000 km Grade 4.5
For Rene from Dunedin. $12,000 savings
$40,040 TO IMPORT
(all included)
Click to view

Corona Virus Update - Stock Up on Toilet Paper or on Cars?

Just saw this 9 News reporting on people's reaction to Coronavirus in States. Is it for real, what is happening in the USA, or it’s just a news angle.

Well, while some USA citizens stocking up on firearms and crop, our customers in New Zealand are stocking up on cars! 

I could not believe it, but the number of car enquiries skyrocketed in the last week. We get around 25 applications daily to import a car from Japan! From our website, TradeMe, Facebook, Instagram etc.
Who could have thought? Looks like people have less to do and less money to spend outside, and enjoy online shopping in the comfort of their homes. And since importing cars is purely online undertaking, many choose to buy their car online, and directly from Japanese Auctions using our Importing Service. 
It feels great to know that we are needed and can help you be busy checking Japanese Auctions and doing bidding on cars online together with us. 
Cars are selling for much less then before at Japanese Auctions, so it never been a better time. 
Also, today received a call from our Shipping Company manager. She was asking how we are doing, I said great. And most importantly, she confirmed that the car shipping industry working as usual, and there are no signs of otherwise. Cargo operations are done mostly by machines, and it’s the least risk industry. So no effect from virus on cars or on shipping. 
You are free to choose on what to stock up, guns or toilet papers lol
But if you are after a car, now is the best time to import. 

The Process to importing has 3 steps: 

1. Register on Our Website
2. Learn how it all works on our How To Bid page (available after registration)
3. Actively bid and we will help to win and import your next car. 

Stay safe and boost your immune system by drinking tea with lemon and Manuka honey. 
On top of the government advice, of course. 

Click on pics to view

Scroll down to find the Registration Form

Coronavirus and importing cars from Japan. 

Coronavirus health effect on imported cars - is 0
Or no effect.

Effect on car prices - yes. 
Cars are selling much cheaper at Japanese Auctions now. Why? I guess people over-worry to much. 
Choose to persist and act while this good-price window exists. 

Coronavirus have made online companies more safe to use. Since it’s advised to spend more time at home, people spend more time online.  
It looks like online-based companies are doing well. Their shares are not affected much or even growing in price. 

So when it comes to importing a car from Japan:

- Buying a car from Japan is purely online undertaking. Auctions are viewed online, in the comfort of home.

- As we know, the virus can not survive for long. According to the National Institute of Health (USA), it stays in the air for up to 3 hours, and on the surfaces for up to 3 days maximum.

-  Cars spend 2-3 weeks on the ship during the freight, and no virus can survive that. 

- The virus is passed human to human, and can’t be passed car to human. 

- Also, every car is Steam Cleaned in Japan before going on the boat - it’s is MAF requirement. 

- Also, the Japanese are well ahead in preventing measures. 

- Auctions and Shipping Cargo Ports in Japan are restricted to the general public, and only local Japanese workers are allowed into the facility, and they undergo daily screening. 

- Ports are open and will be working as usual - shipping cars.

So it’s safe to import a car from Japan. Check the picture below. In Japan cars are not driven in front if bidders, but displayed on the screen. People have a minimal contact with cars.  Everything is digitalised. 

And the good news is, cars are selling much cheaper at Japanese Auctions now. 

Click to view
    "Great customer service, great communication from these guys. They will not recommend a car if just to make a sale, they try and get the best cars for the best deals. i found that 90% off the cars i was looking at buying, where better than what i could get in here. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone that wants to import a vehicle from Japan. A+++"

- Stephan N
    "Can't speak highly enough of the excellent service I had with 'import your car'. Professional advice on cars I chose.....whether they were good enough or not to bid on. Contact from start to finish. Advice all the way through. I ended up with a fantastic car here in Christchurch for a few thousand less than I would've paid buying from a dealer. THANK YOU!!"

- Gina C
    "This was the first time that I imported a car from Japan. After several contacts to Nick and reading the comments I decided to take a chance. I did the procedures and everything was very well. Nick was very attentive and quick to take care of me from the beginning. I'm sure I would suggest doing this service with the company. The car arrived impeccable and I did not have to make any bureaucratic process. I have no doubt that I will contact the company again for future transactions. I`m very happy. Thank you very much!"

- David W


Provide your basic details to get started.

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Continue with the rest of the application

Electric Vehicles - EV
  • Inexpensive To Operate
  • EV Prices Have Come Down
  • ​Simpler Than A Hybrid
  • ​Infrastructure In Place Now
All types of cars are available at Japanese Auctions.
Luxury European, Exclusive, Rare Cars, Sedans, SUVs, Family, Corporate, Vans, 7 Seaters, Sports, Classics. 

Did you know we can import any car which is 20 years and older? 


1. Most of the cars you see for sale in New Zealand were originally imported from Japan.
2. Buying online and "I have not seen the car" factor. 
3. It takes more time to import a car. 
4. Japanese Auctions Are Regulated. 
5. Car condition - Auction grading.
6. Physical inspection. 
7. How much does it cost to buy and ship a car to New Zealand?
8. It's just a smart way to buy a car. 

Heavy duty machines? WE Can import too!
Hundreds of machines traded daily at Japanese Auctions
A Little About Japanese Cars And Japan
  • SHIPPING TIME: It will take 2-3 weeks to ship the car on Roll On Roll Of car carrier ship. 
  • ​LOCATIONS: Shipping directly to Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Nelson, Dunedin, Tauranga and Napier, Rotorua, Palmerston North, Whangarei...
  • ARRIVAL: You will be updated with arrival date, pictures from the port, pick up time.
  • INSURANCE: Car is insured all the way from Japan to New Zealand and comes with a certified odometer.                        
  • CAR COMPLIANCE: We arrange a vehicle compliance and WOF              
  • PICKUP: Then just register car under your name at nearest VTNZ or AA station
Do you want to buy your desired Quality Car at Lower Price?  Here is how!
  • Apply online: Let us know what car you are after.

  • Verification: We will check if your desired car can be imported and give you access to Japanese Auctions once approved. Or get Auction Access right away for $17. 
  • Deposit: $1000 deposit will be required before we buy the car. Refundable.

  • Place Bids: Search auctions and place bids on the cars you liked. We will help you find and win your car.
  • Payment: Make payment to our ANZ account, tax invoice provided.

  • Importation: We do all importing and customs clearance and vehicle compliance in NewZealand on your behalf.
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"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."  – Chinese Proverb


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