You can import a car directly from Japan 
Import Your Car company offering a full range of services. Finding a car at Japanese online auctions, preparing a car for shipping, freight, customs clearance, vehicle compliance and delivery around New Zealand. 
Import Your Car - is your expert in choosing a quality vehicle.  
About Importing a car from Japan
Japanese online car auctions give you a greater choice and better price.

The process is simple: apply online, let us know what car you are after. We will offer you cars matching your search. 
Confirm you want to buy it, and we will try to win a car for you at auction. 
Then it will take 3-6 weeks to ship the car on Roll On Roll Of car carrier ship. Car is insured all the way from Japan to New Zealand and comes with a certified odometer.
We can ship your car directly to Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Nelson, Dunedin, and even to Tauranga and Napier. 

You will be updated with arrival date, pictures from the port, pick up time. 

Vehicle compliance and WOF are arranged by us too. Then you register the car under your name in the nearest VTNZ or AA station. 

We are happy to assist you in finding the right car. Apply online. 
In favor of importing 
70,000 vehicles to choose from every week. Japanese Auctions is the biggest car market in the world.
We import since 2009 know how to find and buy right cars. 
You save money. Savings start from $2000, with $3000 to $5000 on average. The more expensive a car, the more you can save, $10,000+ is possible.  
Luxury European, Exclusive & Rare Cars, Sedans & SUVs, Family & Corporate, 7 Seater & Vans, Sports & Classics - all type of cars available at Japanese Auctions
Quick Guide to buying a car directly from Japanese AuctionS

1 - start by applying online. We check if car can be imported.

2 - we offer you cars to buy.

3 - confirm you want to buy or wait for more auctions. 

4 - win the car.

5 - make a payment.

6 - we do all importing, customs clearance, WOF - Compliance.

7 - you register the car under your name and enjoy driving it.  

We have 100% compliance pass rate and 10 years experience of only doing one thing - helping our valued customers to find and import their cars. 
Just some of the cars we've imported
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RECENT feedback
    "Great customer service, great communication from these guys. They will not recommend a car if just to make a sale, they try and get the best cars for the best deals. i found that 90% off the cars i was looking at buying, where better than what i could get in here. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone that wants to import a vehicle from Japan. A+++"

- Stephan N
    "Can't speak highly enough of the excellent service I had with 'import your car'. Professional advice on cars I chose.....whether they were good enough or not to bid on. Contact from start to finish. Advice all the way through. I ended up with a fantastic car here in Christchurch for a few thousand less than I would've paid buying from a dealer. THANK YOU!!"

- Gina C
    "This was the first time that I imported a car from Japan. After several contacts to Nick and reading the comments I decided to take a chance. I did the procedures and everything was very well. Nick was very attentive and quick to take care of me from the beginning. I'm sure I would suggest doing this service with the company. The car arrived impeccable and I did not have to make any bureaucratic process. I have no doubt that I will contact the company again for future transactions. I`m very happy. Thank you very much!"

- David W
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A Little About Japanese Cars And Japan
about japan and japanese cars
Many people ask us: "Why cars coming from Japan have such low mileage?" 

The answer is, Japan is overcrowded, and most cities have populations from 3 to 15 million people. Only 30% of the land is suitable for a living - the rest are mountains. Traffic is congested, so most people drive their car only after work or on the weekend, and they park next to the train station and commute to work. Additionally, because traffic is so dense, drivers generally don't drive fast nor long distances and have to stop for traffic lights every few hundred meters. All motorways are toll charged, so car travel is not cheap. To travel from Niigata to Tokyo by highway can cost up to 300 NZD, to cover 400 km.
All of these factors contribute to Japanese drivers' driving less. Hence, not only the mileage is low, but cars are not used much and are still in great condition, which is good for us.  

Another question is: "Why there are so many cars coming from Japan?"

The answer is simple. Japan is a small country by size but has a population of 127 million people. It's a big market for Japanese domestic car manufacturers like Toyota or Honda and many European brands. These car giants market heavily to make people change for a newer car. As a result, many barely used vehicles are available for sale every year. 

People also ask us: "Do car owners in Japan get their cars regularly serviced?"

Yes. When sold new, each car is serviced after 3 months and again after 1 year, for FREE, by the dealers such as Toyota and Honda. Japanese drivers purchase mechanical warranties and insurance and keeping their vehicles well maintained as a part of the deal. Dealer urge buyers to regularly service their cars – advice which Japanese drivers follow thoroughly. Also, the Japanese car owners understand that their car will have a better trade-in value when properly serviced. Usually, they trade-in their car within 5 years and maintain a good service history, to get a higher trade-in price. The dealer also services their cars before re-sale at the auctions. 
90% cars we receive from Japan come with a full service history.

It is safe to import a Japanese car. 
Interesting Stats about Japan
  • Place in the World - third-largest automotive producer in the world
  • Cars produced - Japan has an annual production of 10 million automobiles
  • Most produced brands -​Toyota 3 million, Nissan 1 million, Honda 900k, Suzuki 800k 
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