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Marc Clausen, Wellington:
Excellent to deal with from start to finish. Always kept me updated and even managed a change of delivery port at the last minute. I highly recommend Nick and his team if you want to import a car from Japan. 
Taran Nawaratne, Auckland:
Imported a Lexus IS350. Excellent team at Ultimate Motors, Takumi is a superb person to deal with, I had a long list of what I wanted, he delivered. Quality communication from start to finish. Nick took over and updated me on every step. They definitely beat the bigger companies out there for quality and satisfaction. Thanks guys. Highly recommended. Would import through Ultimate Motors again.
  Make the Right Choice - Be Informed
Why it's better to buy a car directly from Japanese Auctions VS Japanese Dealer 
So you want to import a car, and went online to see how to do it. Most probably you've found many companies based in Japan who ship cars all over the world. They have a lot of cars in stock, with many pictures and prices and delivery destinations shown. 
Just add to the cart & get it shipped.

Everything looks easy, right?
Not exactly!

Did you know that the most important detail of importing a car from Japan is the Auction List?

Did you know how risky it is to buy a car without actually seeing and properly understanding the Auction List?

Cars which are offered by Japanese dealers don't have an independent inspection.
In contrary, cars from Japanese Auctions come with a detailed Auction List written up by the independent inspector. 
Auction list will tell us the most important information about the car:

-  Emission Code - if wrong code, a car will not pass NZ Compliance, and can not be registered.

 Rust issues – can cost  from 750 to over 4000 NZD to repair.

-  Panels painted or replaced – avoid the risk of paying for an expensive engineer report and repairs during NZ Compliance. 

Too many scratches and dents on vehicle – will mean an extra bill for repairs and painting.

-  Mechanical issues, oil leaks, warning lights, modified suspension, ex-rental or private etc..

-  Smoker car or damaged interior – avoid extra costs for cleaning and repair.

Auction List tell us a lot about the car - making car importing safe.
Auction List  =  Independent Inspection
Auction List  tells us about Auction Grade of a listed vehicles, including coding for the interior and exterior condition. It also displays car diagrams, showing the size of scratches and dents or repainted/replaced panels - vital information to know.
It will tell all good features about the car, as well as outline imperfections. 

Do international suppliers provide you with all of these details? 
In most cases, they tell you next to nothing. 
Normally, they will simply tell you the car and the price. :0

I hope you understand now, why we are stressing about buying from Live Japanese Auctions.

Japanese Auctions are regulated, every car comes with inspection and detailed description.
Not all cars listed by international suppliers are good enough to be imported into NZ. 
In fact, when we look for cars we eliminate around 70% of cars available at Japanese Auctions and still make sure to carefully choose from the 30% remaining.
Even if you see the Auction List - do you know how to interpret it?  It's in Japanese :)
Our friendly and dedicated car sourcer Takumi will not only translate the Auction List for you, but he also has the expertise to avoid cars, which are not meeting NZ standards or not good for NZ.

Use our knowledge to find a sound car - the one which you will enjoy.

Our first aim is to find you the right car. Then provide a smooth importing. Then arrange hassle free compliance. 
We cover all process, both on the Japanese side and on New Zealand side. 
We buy directly from the source - from Japanese Car Auctions! So we and you would know original condition of the car.
With over 3000 cars already imported, we know what cars are good for New Zealand.

Can you see the difference :)

Choose safe and easy option - apply for Auction Access below.

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Quick Guide to buying a car directly from Japanese Auction
-  After you get your own Auction Access - you will get access to How To Bid Guide, Video tutorials, Sales Statistics and Complete Importing Calculator as well. 

-  We are not expecting you to start bidding straight away, take your time to study Auction System first and settle in.

-  You are welcome to write us email, or call. 

-  Alex will add your car to the search filter - so you start receiving automatic updates with cars matching your search. Plus Alex daily checks Auctions manually for you and make suggestions.

-  When you see the car you like - place your conditional bid online. We will check the car and email Auction List translation. 

-  After your confirmation we will participate in Auction to buy this car for you. 

-  What could be better to win the car at Japanese Auction, knowing actual condition of the car and real price it was sold for!

-  Get on board and let's get started!
8 people imported
6 people imported
5 people imported
Toyota Mark X 2006-2008
Average price $8-10k 
Mitsubishi Outlander 2006-2008, Average price $10-12k
Honda Odyssey 2006-2007, Average price $7-9k
Some Euro cars you did not know you can import
Audi A4 Avante 2008
Price $13-14k
VW Golf GTI 2010
Price $17-19k
Merc 250 Avantgarde 2009
Price $19-20k
BMW 325i 2008
Price $14-15k
Check the savings, by $3-7k cheaper. For the high grade 4.5!
Some New Cars Available in Japan you did not know you can import
New Mercedes-Benz
New Volvo and Audi
New Volkswagen
Little bit about Japan and Japanese Cars
A Little About Japanese Cars And Japan
Many people ask us: “Why cars coming from Japan have such a low mileage?” 

The answer is that Japan is overcrowded and most cities have populations of between 3 to 15 million people. Only 30% of the land is good for living - rest are mountain ranges. Traffic is congested, so most people drive their car only after work or on the weekend, and they park next to the train station and commute to work. Additionally, because traffic is so congested, drivers generally don’t drive fast nor long distances, and have to stop for traffic lights every few hundred meters. All motorways are toll charged, so car travel is not cheap. To travel from Niigata to Tokyo by highway can cost up to 300 NZD, just to cover 400 kms.
All of these factors contribute to Japanese drivers driving less. Hence not only low mileage, but cars are not used much and still in great condition, which is good for us.  

Other question people ask: “Why there are so many cars coming from Japan?”

The answer is simple. Japan is a small country by size but has a population of 127 million people. It's a big market for Japanese domestic car manufacturers like Toyota or Honda. These car giants market heavily to change for a newer car.  As a result, many barely used cars are available every year. 

People also ask us: “ Do car owners in Japan get their cars regularly serviced?"

And the answer is yes. When sold new, each car is serviced after 3 months and again after 1 year, for FREE, by dealers such as Toyota and Honda. Japanese drivers purchase mechanical warranties and insurance and keeping their vehicles well maintained is a part of the deal. Dealer urge buyers to regularly service their cars – advice which Japanese drivers follow. Japanese car owners understand that their car will have a better trade-in value when properly serviced too. Normally they trade-in their car within 5 years and maintain a good service history, to get a higher trade-in price. The dealer also services their cars prior to re-sale at auctions. 
90% of the cars we receive from Japan come with a service history.

It's safe to import a Japanese car.
Interesting Stats
  • Place in the World - third largest automotive producer in the world
  • Cars produced - Japan have an annual production of 10 million automobiles
  • Most produced brands - Toyota 3 mil, Nissan 1 mil, Honda 900k, Suzuki 800k 
The #1 question we hear a lot:
How much I am going to s?
And the #2 question:
How long is it going to take?
Simply put:

-Your car is going to cost $1000 to $10,000 LESS then buying locally in New Zealand. And the transaction will take from 1.5 months to 2 months.

- You'll have an unmatched access to the 100 000 cars weekly and find a better car.

- We'll help you to find and choose right vehicle for NZ. 
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